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Adding a signature and display name
The display name is the name that your recipient sees in their email client along with your email...  Read more
How do I check my email?
When you have selected a free email address, or a Pro email, we will set them up for you and then...  Read more
How do I configure my mobile device to receive email?
If you have an Infoserve Pro Website here are the steps to add an email account to your Android...  Read more
How many free email addresses can I get?
You can have one free email address with your Infoserve Free Website. Multiple email addresses:...  Read more
What’s the difference between a free email address and a Pro email?
You can have a free email address with your free website...  Read more
Where can I find details about my email accounts?
You can find information about all your email accounts within the Your Account area, under...  Read more

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